My body is gross
There are all these weird pimple-esque things all over my head

I’m packing very last minute, my life is about to become so much better and nicer but also harder and I have depression issues and self sabotage issues and it’s not ideal but nothing can fucking stop me now
Not even myself
Take THAT Anxia!
Good one Anxia.

I think l understand absurdism, although I’m probably totally wrong
But anyway I noticed a pattern there are certain things that people say make no sense but do make sense but the reason isn’t straightforward and introduces a differe t relationship between the facts or ideas than would seem logical

Basically I believe absurdism is to point out that everything makes sense and is understandable but logic alone is insufficient

Ok maybe that’s just me

When I came to the mall I never expected to leave with bathory and electric wizard t shirts

I’m on the precipice of great change
And yet I’ve spent the day

I support a bands desire to reach financial success, especially if they keep treating their core fanbase right after making it. If you somehow knew for a fact that you would make a ton of money by changing your bands name, would you do it?


Death before we change our name

Bullshit, I bet you’ll be known just as Twiabp in 2 years time :P

Whenever I try to be sincere in contexts I feel weird about I need to give it a rating of how hipster it is, or else itllbe too hipster and no one will realise how sincere I’m being, even through a layer of irony

Its harder for me to say “I like you” than it is to sarcastically say “I hate you, you’re the worst :D”

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (9.25.14): Protesters in Ferguson are back out tonight, demanding Police Chief Jackson’s resignation and the immediate arrest of Mike Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson. #staywoke #farfromover

I need a metric more strict than “it’s not terrible”
But more leiniant than “it’s one of my favorite artists since high school”

Trying to delete music from my iPod is so hard cause there is very little music that I hate
But I also end up keeping things for sentimental value
“This person I’ll probably never see again likes this album so I guess I’ll keep it”

Also if it’s not crust, emo, grindcore, black metal, folk punk, or death metal I’m like
“I don’t have a lot that sounds like this I guess I’ll keep it”