i need this, whatever who cares

I’ve been spending all of my down time playing FTL and the sims 3

I’m really sleepy and I’m having trouble feeling coherent

i’m not sure if I’m being clear

I woke up way too early for a meeting that I was freaked out by but it was just about how banking is becoming more virtual.  but now I’m exhausted from only sleeping a few hours and I still need to go to work in 30 minutes

Iknow this doesn’t sound important

but, even though player choice is important to video games

I think that there need to be more LGBT protagonists of more narrative games.  and I mean every kind of game.

admittedly, I’m not well versed on the current representation of LGBT folks in games, but the examples I think of are not good (as far as I know the only representation of Trans folks is limited to transmisogynistic jokes)

my point is that there are so many games in which the gender/sexuality is unrelated to the plot that representation is as simple as a few choice words of dialogue.  It may not be as noticeable because a queer protagonist is not driven by white male masculine insecurity, like Gears of War or any war/FPS game.

all glass things… :(